Wednesday, December 14

Well, next time we meet, it will be an new year and a new semester.ย  I love a fresh start, don’t you?ย  Remember Friday, December 16th is an independent study day.ย  Students have work assigned for this day, however they do not come to class.

Homework for January 2, 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚
โ Lesson 6.1 Assignment and skills practice Thursday and Fridayย  math-lesson-6-1-percents
โ Lesson 5.1 Assignment (Tuesday, January 3rd) math-lesson-5-1
โ Worksheet Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators
โ Acellus: What are Earthquakes (Thursday)
โ What are Earthquakes Cornell Notes
โ Acellus: Measurement of Earthquakes (Friday)
โ Measurement of Earthquakes Cornell Notes
โ Acellus: Preparing for Earthquakes (Tuesday)
โ Preparing for Earthquakes Cornell Notes
Language Arts:
โ Spelling page 86, (Thursday) 87, (Friday) 88, 89 (Tuesday)
โ Grammar complex sentences, pages 19 (Thursday) and 20 (Friday)
โ Vocabulary word of the week: treacherous Day 3 and 4
โ Read chapters 15 and 16
โ Dialectic Journal and vocabulary for chapter 15 and 16 The Golden Gobletย  golden-goblet-chapter-15-and-16
โ Writing: Literary analysis The Golden Goblet – How do characters change as a
result of these acts of courage? Follow template.ย  the-golden-goblet-literary-analysis
โ Article of the Week #6, all questions on page 3. Finish
โ Choose new book for book report
โ Read pages 119-126 and answer questions on page 126 #1-4 (Thursday)
โ Read pages 127-131 and answer quesitons on page 131 #1-4 (Friday)
โ Page 133 Standards review, 1-10


Thursday, January 29th


Grammar – Collect or write 5 compound sentences, with correct punctuation.ย  Put them in your language arts journal, in your pocket

Rough draft, compare and contrast Nya and Salva’s lives.ย  Remember to think about how culture, time, and place affects their identity.ย  Also, use quotes from the book, and elaborate on your quotes.

“Water is Life” text dependent questions

Read pages 127-135 in your history book.ย  Answer questions.