March 10, 2017


  • Eureka Math Mid-Module Assessment Task problems (if not finished in class)
  • CPM math Review and Preview lesson 5.3.1. What if it is not a rectangle? Review and preview  5-71 to 5-75
  • CPM math Review and Preview lesson 5.3.2 Review and preview 5-80 to 5-84


  • Acellus Frozen Fresh Water video and questions/Cornell Notes
  • Acellus Fresh Water Underground video and questions/Cornell Notes

Language Arts:

  • Spelling page 132-133
  • Vocabulary word of the week: Unanimous – day 1 and day 2
  • Read and annotate “Speaking Bonobo” and “When Animals Communicate, They Are Not Using ‘Language’”.  Ensure you annotate very well.  Read twice
  • Complete Graphic organizer for argumentative essay  Arugmentative Writing Promt
  • Read chapters 2 and 3 (pages 20-42) and complete “Learning from Frighful’s Perspective” annotations.


  • History Textbook, read pages 220-231, complete questions page 231, #1-5