Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Homework for February 24, 2017



  • Eureka Math End of Module Assessment Task



  • Acellus: Climate Affects Soil video and questions/Cornell notes
  • Acellus:  Unit 3 review and exam
  • Plastic water bottle:  fill with water, put cap on tight.  Place in freezer overnight.  The next day, Wednesday make observations in your notebook about the bottle.  Describe in detail what you see.  What happened and why do you think it happened?  Write your hypothesis.


Language Arts:

  • Spelling page 116-117
  • Grammar, Subject-verb agreement page 157-158  subject-verb-agreement-pages157-158
  • Vocabulary word of the week: expanse – Day 3
  • Read and annotate “Can Animals Feel and Think?”  Ensure you complete “Close Read Notes” and answer all questions using evidence from the text.  can-animals-feel-and-think
  • Writing Prompt:  Informational writing.  Fear
    • Outline – finish




  • China: Complete Han Dynasty minibook
  • Complete Ancient China Achievements Kite foldable