Friday, January 27, 2016

Homework for February 1, 2017


  • Eureka Math, Lesson 13, From Ratio Table to Equations Using the Value of a Ratio Problem set (if not finished in class)  eureka-math-lesson-13
  • Eureka Math Lesson 14:  From Ratio Tables, Equations, and Double Number Line Diagrams to Plots on the Coordinate Plane Problem set
  • Eureka Math, Lesson 15, A Synthesis of Representations of Equivalent Ratio Collections Problem Set (if not completed in class)  eureka-math-lesson-14-and-15
  • Mid Module Assessment Task  mid-module-assessment-task
  • Fix page 69-70



  • Acellus:  Types of Volcanoes video/questions and Cornell Notes
  • Acellus:   Volcanic Eruptions video/questions and Cornell Notes


Language Arts:

  • Spelling page 103-104
  • Grammar, Subject-verb agreement practice activities,:  What is Subject-Verb agreement?  How to fix Problems in Agreement
  • Vocabulary word of the week: articulate – Day 5
  • Reread  “In the Spotlight”.  And answer all of the questions on page 56 and 57 on another piece of paper.   Use complete sentences and evidence from the text.   If you do not write it on a piece of lined paper, I will not give you credit!!!  in-the-spotlight
  • Narrative essay:  Final draft.



  • China:  research and complete a book for China’s Zhou Dynasty. Use your book (pages 188-193) and include the following information:
    • Cover should have a picture, title and years of the dynasty
    • How they came to power/significant leaders
    • Political system/social system
    • Religion
    • Achievements


  • Each heading should be a new page in your mini-book and should be written as a short summary, in your words.