Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Homework for January 20, 2017




  • Team homework for building a quake resistant structure
  • Finish up California topographic features collage.  Due Friday, 1/20


Language Arts:

  • Spelling page 98 and 99 and study for test Friday
  • Grammar combining sentences, How to combine sentences: Review A (if not done in class)  and Review B.  combining-sentences-reveiw
  • Vocabulary word of the week: articulate – day 1  vocab-word-of-the-week-articulate
  • Read and annotate “Face Your Fears:  Choking under Pressure is Every Athlete’s Worst Nightmare”.  Ensure you read instructions and do all parts as demonstrated in class!!!!    face-your-fears-choking-under-pressure
  • Informative essay:  Final draft



  • Ancient India Webquest, page 3