Friday, January 6th


  • Lesson 4 Problem Set all problems
  • Lesson 5 Problem Set all problems



  • California topographical features collage project (Work on it both days, Due Friday, January 13)
  • Read and complete questions and prompts on “What are Earthquakes?” page 121-126.


Language Arts:

  • Spelling page 91 (Monday)  and 92(Tuesday)
  • Grammar combining sentences, How to combine sentences:  Inserting phrases #-1-3 only on a separate piece of paper.  Use correct punctuation and capitalization.  combining-sentences-powerpoint
  • Vocabulary word of the week: context- day 1 (Monday)  and day 2 (Tuesday)
  • Read “From the Jumping Tree”, practicing close reading strategies learned in class.  Respond to all prompts and questions.
  • Read new book for book report



  • Read pages 150-155 and answer questions on page 155 #1-5 (Monday)
  • Read pages 156-161 and answer questions on page 1161 #1-4 (Tuesday)