Friday, September 16, 2016


  • Lesson 1.2.4 What patterns can I find? 1-85 through 1-94 all parts
  • We will be having out chapter 1 test probably next Friday.


Language Arts:

  • Spelling page 24-25
  • Capitalization worksheet Common, proper, singular and plural nouns, pages 18-21.  nouns-and-plural-nouns-page-18-21
  • Topic Sentence Practice.  You choose the subject from the list  topic-sentence-practice.  Each of the 3 practice topic sentences must be a new type of topic sentence. practice-topic-sentence
  • Read and annotate “All About Wolves” by John Vucetich and Rolf Peterson.  Read and annotate the text. (Most student have been struggling with this, so I am asking them to all do this again after I did some reteaching today)
  • Book report due September 30


  • Read/finish reading California Connections: Waves of Migration student edition pages 2-5
  • Complete student workbook pages 2-3 What I Know about Paleolithic People