Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Welcome Back!

Please sign each syllabus and have it back to Mrs. Coughren by September 5, 2016

6th grade math and science syllabus

Syllabus 6th grade LA and history

Homework for Friday, September 2, 2016


  • Go to and write down the math problem and solve it
  • Here is the problem: 9 x (3+2) – 7 =
  • Problem set 1-10 through 1-14 all parts


  • Acellus, How Earth Moves video, complete problems after watching video
  • Complete Cornell notes on the Acellus video in science notebook
  • Here is an image on how to complete them:

reviseordie : A little guide to the ‘Cornell Note Taking’ method:   screen-shot-2013-04-02-at-12-43-30-pm.png 640×990 pixels:

Language Arts

  • Vocabulary word of the week:  archaeology,  page 2  Vocabulary Word of the Week
  • Capitalization worksheet page 521 and 523  Capitalization rules and worksheet
  • Complete Snapshot Autobiography rough draft  Snapshot autobiography
  • Choose a book for first book report. Must be at least 200 pages.
  • Go to and write down the message from Mrs. Coughren
  • Here is the message:  Mrs. Coughren’s 6th grade class at APL are the most intelligent students ever!

Social Studies

  • History Textbook, read pages 28-34 and answer questions 1-5.
  • Read biography “The Iceman” on page 35