6th grade: May 18, 2016


  • Classwork: finish tin men; go over review; introduce tessellations
  • Homework:  1.  Use chapter 6 and 7 review to study for TEST friday.  The test will have the following problems (same problem with different numbers)  #2-5, 7, 10, 13, 18, 21-25, 30-32
  • 100% block paper if needed to complete problems  100%block paper

ONLINE resource to help with the math textbook.  You can access “homework help” for all the problems that students are assigned through this link.  Simply click on the lesson that they are doing and then the problem that you are having difficulty with.



  • Classwork: virtual lab on 3 rock types
    • Homework:  Bring science book to return to library

Language Arts/History

  • Classwork:  Read Maniac Magee;  Research for biography poem
    • Homework: 1.  Research for Biography poem.  This will be their independent assignment for next week and the poem is due by 5/27 a noon at latest.  biographypoem  Here is an example of a biography poem  Rajon Rondo 2.  Book Talk due 5/20 READ, READ, READ!!! Book Talk Directions 3. Roman research rough draft due 5/20;   RESEARCH PAPER due 5/27 by noon  Rome research project
    • Students were reminded of rubric for research paper in their packet.  They will need one quote from their research in each body paragraph.  They were also reminded that they will need a “Work Cited” page.  They will need help completing this for their paper.