Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Yesterday the student’s had a substitute teacher while I was on a field trip with my son to Sacramento.  Mrs. James was the teacher, and she reported to me today that everybody was on their best behavior.  Thank you class!

****Some students have been photocopying my homework passes and sit where you want passes.  This is not acceptable, and photocopies will not be accepted.


In class yesterday students worked in the Science textbook on pages 208-211 and completed questions 1-7 and pages 212-217 questions 1-8.  Students who were absent need to complete this.

Plato Genetic variation and biotechnology mastery test.

Language Arts: 

Complete Maya, Inca and Aztec research paper rough draft due Thursday.  Students should have introduction paragraph done as they walked through it in class.

Last book review due.  Powerpoint presentaiton.


Renaissance ABC book, letter S