6th Grade: April 27, 2016


  • Classwork: dividing fractions….students learned a new way to divide fractions today
  • Homework: p. 333-334 all problems; p. 338 all problems
  • 100% block paper if needed to complete problems  100%block paper

ONLINE resource to help with the math textbook.  You can access “homework help” for all the problems that students are assigned through this link.  Simply click on the lesson that they are doing and then the problem that you are having difficulty with.



  • Classwork:  Discussion of Science Fair Projects; MoMath Experiment
    • Homework:   Materials and Procedure need to be completed by next Wednesday 5/4  science fair outline; Science Fair projects are due 5/13 in completion

Language Arts

  • Classwork:  Read Maniac Magee;  What is theme?  Is there a common theme among the novels that we have read this year??
    • Homework: 1. Closely read and ANNOTATE “Eleven” eleven and answer all the questions due 4/29  2. Sentence Variety worksheet due Wednesday 5/4 sentence variety 3.  Book Talk due 5/20 READ, READ, READ!!!

Social Studies

  • Classwork:   GREEK TEST
  • Homework:  “The Empire of Rome” worksheet empire of rome, please close read, annotate and answer questions