Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Testing is now over and I think it was a great success.  Thank you students for working so hard!  We are now back to our normal schedule, and normal feels good!  We will be finishing up the year with some big projects that we will be working on at school and at home.


Continue to work on Science Fair project.

Plato, Semester 2, Unit 1, Genes and Traits Lesson

Language Arts:

Read and annotate “Simon, the Knight’s Son” and “Jack, the Half-Wit”.  Complete themes of adversity chart for each character

Spelling Day 130

List 2  Spelling list 2 day 129-136

List 3  Spelling list 3 day 129-136

List 4  Spelling list 4 day 129-136

List 5  Spelling list 5 day 129-136

Next book review is due May 17, so be reading!!!!!

Verbs Simple and Perfect Tenses page 41, questions 1-10 only


Middle Ages Study Guide – page 1 only  Middle Ages study guide

Read pages 282-285, and answer questions 1-4