Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Welcome spring!  Our plants are growing, and flowers are blooming and bees are pollinating!  I think spring is my favorite time of year!  In science we are doing a lot of things perfect for this time of year such as dissecting flowers and learning about pollination!  Students also have their own plants they are growing and measuring.


Read and annotate Pollination, part one, and answer questions  Pollination, part one

Language Arts/History:

In class we read “Mogg, the Villein’s Daughter” and “Taggot, the Blacksmith’s Daughter”.  We added Mogg to our Themes of Adversity Anchor Chart, and students are to do the same for Taggot.  They also need to re-read Taggot and make annotations and complete the text dependent questions and figurative language worksheet.  Taggot, text dependent questions

Figurative language grapic organizer for Taggot

Book review powerpoint in also due on Thursday.  POWERPOINT BOOK REPORT with edits

Spelling day 118

Subject verb agreement, section IV and progress check


Read pages 248-251 and answer questions 1-4

***Make sure student wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes on Thursday for PE testing.****