Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Many of our seeds have sprouted!  Students took measurements and made observations of what their little seedlings are doing!   We also started a new investigation that will continue on Thursday.


For homework students choose an article from our Scholastic magazines and they are to write a summary.  I reminded them what a summary should look like, as many of the summaries I have been getting lately are not summaries at all!  The summary should begin with:  In the article__________________________by _____________________________, he/she states that ____________________________.  Then follow this up with at least 5 main things that the author discusses.  It should be retold in the students own words and it should not use I and it should not include the student’s opinion.  If your student was absent you can come and get an magazine from me or find an article online or from another source.  It should be at the student’s reading and ability level.

Language arts:

Today we worked on our themes of adversity anchor chart and created one as a class.    We included Barbary and we then added Hugo.  Students need to keep these and turn them in at the end of the unit.  We will continue to add to them.  We also discussed how to annotate the text with sticky notes.

Homework is to read and annotate (with sticky notes) “Giles the Beggar” and “Thomas, the Doctor’s Son”.  They also need to fill out their Themes of Adversity Anchor chart with Giles and Thomas.  Themes of Adversity Anchor Chart

Subject Verb Agreement worksheet, parts I, II, and III only.  Subject verb agreement exercises 1-4

Work on final draft of argumentative essay.  We will work on this in class on Thursday too.

Spelling day 116

Spelling list 2  Spelling list 2 days 113-116

Spelling list 3  Spelling list 3 days 113-116

Spelling list 4  Spelling list 4, days 113-116

Spelling list 5  Spelling list 5 days 113-116


Cornell notes cornellnotestemplatedoc and feudal pyramid.    Feudal pyramid  Textbook pages 242-247