March 17, 2016

Hi Everybody,

I have been terrible about updating aplseeds lately…sorry I have been running behind this week!  Here is the homework for Tuesday:


Read “Scientists Study why an Algae’s Blooms are Choking Waterways”, answer question and write a summary.  Scientists study Algae blooms article

Language Arts:

We started a new book today, and it is not typical of other books we’ve read.  It is a book compiled of monologues called “Good Masters, Sweet Ladies”.  In class we read our first story Barbury the Mudslinger.  Students completed Conveying Theme in Barbary, the Mud Slinger.  If not completed in class it became homework.  For homeowork students need to read “Hugo, the Lord’s Nephew” and complete text dependent questions  Hugo, the Lord’s Nephew text dependent quesitons, as well as Themes of adversity anchor chart Themes of Adversity Anchor Chart and figurative language worksheet.

Students also have spelling days 113-114

Grammar,  Subject verb agreement page 163 and 165


In class we watched clips of a documentary  Here is the entire documentary linked:

To complete the Dark Ages video chat students should go forward to the time of 1:00:18 which begins the information on Charlemagne.  Only complete the first page.  We will finish the second page in class on Tuesday.

Homework is Warrior of God, Charlemagne