6th grade: March 2, 2016


  • Classwork: Division
  • Homework: p.265-266 all problems; p. 270 all problems
  • 100% block paper if needed to complete problems  100%block paper

ONLINE resource to help with the math textbook.  You can access “homework help” for all the problems that students are assigned through this link.  Simply click on the lesson that they are doing and then the problem that you are having difficulty with.



  • Classwork:  earthquake precautions; earthquake jello lab
    • Homework:
      Begin thinking about Volcano for project (either powerpoint or poster) volcano project

Language Arts

  • Classwork:   phobia test; introduce adjectives and adverbs adverblist; chapter 3 Lightning Thief figurative vs. literal language; characteristics of a myth Characteristics_Myth
    • Homework: 1. un/demi vocabulary packet un,demi vocab (part C write a myth.  Students were given a characteristics of a myth handout) due 3/9 2. Read Lightning Thief chapter 4 and complete worksheet   LTchapter4focusquestions  3.  Adjective and Adverb Alliteration due 3/9 adjectiveadverballiterations 4.  Daily Oral Language worksheet due 3/9  5.  Read a book of choice for book talk due 4/6

Social Studies

  • Classwork:   Begin working on Greek Gods/Goddesses
  • Homework: CLOSE read and ANNOTATE Gods/Goddesses of GreeceGreek gods&goddesses ; finish map of Greece if not complete