Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Plato:  Unit 4, The Plant Kingdom

Language Arts:

Spelling Day 98

Spelling list 2  Sequential spelling list 2, days 97-104

Spelling list 3  Sequential spelling list 3, days 97-104

Spelling list 4  Sequential spelling list 4 days 97-104

Spelling list 5  Sequential Spelling list 6 days 97-104

Read and annotate The Samurai’s Tale, chapters 5 and 7, and complete questions The Samurai’s Tale questions chapters 1-7  .   A Samurai’s Tale chapter 5 and 7 Also add vocabulary to Quizlet The Samurai’s Tale study set that students should have created with vocabulary last week. Vocabulary Words The Samurai’s Tale  If students want to read chapter 6 because they want to, here is chapter 6.  A Samurai’s Tale chapter 6

Prepositions with imperative sentences, page 36.  prepositions imperative sentences


Students completed a study guide/worksheet as we went through a PowerPoint presentation on Feudal Japan.  Here is the link to the PowerPoint if students were absent. Feudal Japan   Here also is the worksheet. Japan powerpoint worksheet

Japan mapwork