Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Finish up Plato lesson:  Organ Systems

For partner project “Body Systems” students are assigning their own homework, based on how much they accomplished during class time yesterday.


No spelling.  I forgot to copy and give students new sheets.  Those who are behind should take this opportunity to catch up.

Read “Melting Pot” and answer questions.  Complete packet “Literary Analysis: Tone” for “Melting Pot”.  Melting pot Building Grammar Skills:  Introduction to Verbs and Prepositions.  Students need to finish all parts of grammar page.  For verb sentences, they can just create their own using the listed verbs.   Literary analysis verbs and prepositions


Read and answer questions for “The Silk Road and Marco Polo”  The silk road and marco polo

Textbook, page 191, questions #1-12