Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I’m sorry there was some confusion over my last post.  I was not clear at all, so most students did one of two assignments, and so for homework for Wednesday they will simply finish the other one.  So, if students did “Structures and Function of Tissues and Organs”, then they need to complete “Levels of Organization”, or vise versa.

In class we have started a project in which they have been assigned a body system to learn about and then present to the class.  No homework for this yet.


Spelling Day 84

Book report (powerpoint) due 2/2

Read “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” through page 163 only.   The Treasure of Lemon Brown We reviewed theme in class, so hopefully students have a better grasp.  They have another theme graphic organizer in which to start filling it out for this new story.  They won’t finish it, but should have a few examples.  Also they need to complete “Ask Questions”, as much as their reading will allow.

Prepositional phrase worksheet

Literary analysis theme, ask questions and preposition homework


Read and annotate “Chinese Superstitions” and complete task on back.  Chinese superstitions