Thursday, January 21, 2016


***Just to clarify as there is some confusion on what to do for Plato, it is in Unit 3 and it is the second assignment down called structure and function of tissue and organs.  If students did levels of organization, that is fine too***  Sorry for the confusion!

Plato, Unit 3 – Structure and Function in Living Organisms.  All part + mastery test.


Read “Ribbons” by Lawerence Yep.    Ribbons  Complete side margin notes and questions.  Also complete vocabulary worksheets, theme worksheet and preposition worksheets.  Ribbons vocabulary, theme, and preposition work

Spelling 81 and 82

List 2  Spelling level 2 day 81-88

List 3  Spelling level 3 day 81-88

List 4 Spelling level 4 day 81-88

List 5  Spelling level 5 day 81-88

Work on argumentative planner page


Textbook, pages 180-186, questions 1-4

In class we learned about Chinese tea and the Chinese tea ceremony.  We had a fun tea party to boot.  Not all the students liked the tea (herbal decaf!), but it was fun to try it!   We watched a video on the tea ceremony, and it is linked here:

They also read and annotated The Fact About Tea and completed the graphic organizer. The facts abot tea and graphic organizer