Thursday, January 7, 2016


In science we finished our lab write up.  We also began a discussion on Mitosis.  Students watched a PowerPoint presentation on Mitosis and took notes.  The PowerPoint is linked here: mitosis powerpoint

We started a Mitosis fold-able, which we will finish in class on Tuesday.

Homework is to complete this packet:  Cell division page 30-37

Language Arts:

Students need to complete spelling days 72 and 73

Read and annotate the articles from the Washington Post and the Houston Chronicle, then on a separate piece of paper, write down the author’s claim for each (what is the author’s argument).  Then also write down any evidence the author uses to justify their claim  Houston Chronicle and Washington Post

Collect 10 sentences, combining using a list format.  For example:   Last year was a very successful year for our students as we had many graduate with a high GPA, many were accepted to universities, and many went on to full time work.  I don’t want to see simple sentences, like:  I like to eat pizza, ice cream and toast. 😦

Water management cut and paste Water management part 1 Water managment part 2


China mapwork  Ancienct China Mapwork