Tuesday, December 15, 2015

**Ugly Christmas sweater class contest on Thursday!  Wear your ugly sweater if you’ve got one (or make one!)  Participation not mandatory, but it will be fun!

Well, one more day of school before Winter break!  We’ve got a lot of loose ends to tie up, and we will be finishing several units tomorrow in class.


Students need to research how to make their own water filtration system.  The supplies they have available to them are water bottles, gravel, sand and activated carbon.  They also will have coffee filters and cotton balls.  They began the design process on Tuesday.

Language arts:

Book review PowerPoint is due tomorrow 12/17.  POWERPOINT BOOK REPORT with edits

Spelling Day 65

Spelling list 2: Spelling list 2 days 65-72

Spelling list 3: Spelling list 3, days 65-72

Spelling list 4: Spelling list 4 days 65-72

Spelling list 5: Spelling list 5 days 65-72

Quizlet, the word sustainability

Rough draft of 2 voice poem  Two voice poem planner

Read and annotate “Beyond Thirst”  Beyond thirst


Read “The Kingdom of Mali, Sundiata the Hero” and answer the questions.  Also Mansa Musa, read and answer questions and fill in as much of the graphic organizer as possible.  Mali, Sundiata and Mansa Musa