Thursday, November 5, 2015

We had several students absent yesterday, and unfortunately it was a lab day 😦  I will come up with an alternative lab that can be done at home for those that missed class.  I hope everyone is feeling better!


Plato:  The Chemistry of Living Cells

Language Arts:

Spelling, Days 44 and 45

In class we discussed how culture, time, and place affects our sense of identity.  We listed several examples on the board.  We then related this to our book A Long Walk to Water, and discussed how culture, time, and place affect Salva and Nya.  Here are our notes from the disussion from a student.  Identity Chart by Anna  Here is the board and all of our brainstorming ideas.

Classroom discussion culture time and place whiteboard

Read and annotate the article “Time Trip” Time Trip.  Answer question with a “Quote Sandwich”.  Complete reader’s gist notes/dictionary for the article as well.

Reader’s Notes Time Trip


Geography of Africa Mapwork – follow directions!  Make it nice and and include a good description with the key.  If you need to use another piece of paper for the key and the description, please use it!  Africa Mapwork

Geography of Africa – read and answer questions.  Geography of Africa reading and questions

On Tuesday I will be doing a presentation for Veteran’s day, and giving students an opportunity to share about anyone they know who is a veteran.