Tuesday, November 3, 2014

November is upon us, and there is a chill to the air already!  This morning was cold!  We have begun some new topics of study in class this week.  In science, we have moved on to the cell.  Students will have Plato assignments as well as a cell model and cell catalog project.  In language arts and history  we will be blending these two subjects quite a bit over the next month or so.  We have begun reading a book titled A Long Walk to Water, which takes place in Africa.  The novel is a wonderful novel, but it does have some sad and difficult parts.  We have also started a unit study on Ancient Africa in history.


Plato – the Chemistry of Living Cells – Due 11/10

Cellular vs. noncellular worksheet  Cellular vs. non-cellular

Finish lab questions from Tuesday

Language Arts:

Quizlet – add the word culture to language arts vocabulary

Spelling day 42

Spelling list 2  Spelling list 2 week 41-48

Spelling list 3 Spelling list 3 day 41-48

Spelling list 4  Spelling list 4 days 41-48

Spelling list 5  Spelling list 5 day 41-48

Read A Long Walk to Water chapters 3 and 4, and complete gist notes and vocabulary.  Also complete vocabulary for chapters 1 and 2.

A Long Walk to Water readers notes ch 1-2

A Long Walk to Water readers notes ch 3-4

Book Review


History textbook, pages 112-115, questions 1-4