Thursday, October 22, 2015

We have a lot of longer projects going on right now, so students should pay attention to due dates!


Critter writing and drawing is due on Tuesday.  Make a critter

Plato Assignment #4 due 10/28

Quizlet, add words:

Population Growth:  An increase in the number of individuals of a species.

Natural Resources:  Materials, such as water, minerals, energy, and soil, that people use from nature and natural systems.

Language Arts:

Spelling day 34 and 35

Spelling list #2  Spelling list 2 day 33-40

Spelling list #3 Spelling list 3 day 33-40

Spelling list #4 Spelling list 4, days 33-40

Finish “Teen Slang…”  Teen Slang

Compound/complex sentence workseet #1  complex sentences handout 1

Next book review due 11/5


Islam Culture Fact Flipper due 10/28  Islamic Empire Fact Flipper Instructions

Finish Change in Arabia worksheet after reading “Trade in Arabia”  Life and Trade on the Arabian Peninsula Change in Arabia