Tuesday, October 5, 2015


Plato, lesson #1, finish all tests and the Mastery test.  Remember if you lock the mastery test, you can e-mail me to unlock it, or you can review the lesson to unlock the test yourself.

Critter notes.  Get started thinking about your critter and write some notes.  Yesterday we discussed vision and eye adaptations, so did that give you any ideas about your critter’s adaptations?  Start writing these ideas down!

Language Arts: 

Spelling Day 25

List 2 Spelling list 2 day 25-32

List 3 Spelling list 3, 25-32

List 4  Spelling list 4 25-32]

Subordinate Conjunctions Subordinating Conjunctions

Close read and annotate “The Boarder”  The Border

Choose next book for book review


Read pages 59-64 and answer questions 1-5