Thursday, October 1, 2015


We had the opportunity to participate in a live webcast with cast from the movie “The Martian”,  NASA astronauts and scientists.  Students can earn EXTRA CREDIT by writing a one paragraph summary on what they heard, liked, and/or saw during the presentation.  They also can go see the movie and bring me a movie ticket stubb. The movie does have some inappropriate words, so FYI!

Plato, Assignment #1, Lesson, application, and test 1, 2 and 3 only.  If students are getting a message at the end of the lesson saying they didn’t finish the lesson, then they must click on the little frog at the bottom and it will bring up all of the lessons.  If there is not a green check by the lesson, it is not complete and they can click on the lesson and go back and do it again.  They have to complete all parts to the lesson.  Also it is a presentation with an auditory component, and the student MUST finish listening to ALL parts and the MUST complete ALL activities for it to count that lesson as complete.  Students cannot just rush through the lesson, the program will not allow it.

Also, students need to finish reading “Make a Critter” and begin thinking about what they are going to do.  Make a critter

Language Arts:

Read “Team Players” and answer all questions.  I have given students a complete copy of this article now, so they can finish the questions.  They also have a reader’s dictionary and reader’s notes to complete as well.

Spelling days 22, 23

Final draft of architecture paper due Tuesday.


Spread of Islam mapwork  Arabian Peninsula mapwork

Read page 50-58 in history textbook, questions 1-4 all