6th Grade: September 30, 2015


  • Classwork: Fantastic 4-decimals; Review homework; area of objects
  • Homework: p. 70  all problems

ONLINE resource to help with the math textbook.  You can access “homework help” for all the problems that students are assigned through this link.  Simply click on the lesson that they are doing and then the problem that you are having difficulty with.



  • Classwork:  TEST, begin reading scientific article about water on Mars
  • Homework:  1. Read Scientific Article “NASA Confirms Evidence that liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars” scientific article water on mars 1 “closely” (this means read it twice….once for the gist, and second to underline important facts), annotate text, underline 8 important facts from article.

Language Arts

  • Classwork: Vocabulary Test, dive into the meaning of “Out of the Dust”, discuss questions, complete character analysis chart for Billie Joe
  • Homework: 1.  vocabulary packet nom/dict due 10/7 nom and dict vocab packet ; don’t forget part C memorize poem and complete sentences  TEST Wednesday 10/7  2.  Finish reading in  Out of the Dust   3.  Find a new book to read at home for next book review.  4. Out of the Dust questions due 10/2- please complete 1-2 a day  out of dust questions(1)

Social Studies

  • Classwork:   Group project on a paleolithic society….presentation, take notes on other presentations
  • Homework: migration brochure, due next Friday 10/9 migration brochure