Thursday, September 24, 2015


The eye dissection has been rescheduled for next Tuesday!  The students are so excited to participate in this 🙂  It should be very interesting!

Homework:  Read the Dissection Guide for the Mamilian Eye and write a procedure for the dissection on Tuesday.  Include steps, for example step #1, Step #2, etc.  Dissection guide of the mammilian eye

Examining a cow’s eye, pre-lab questions Examining a cows eye pre-lab questions

Language Arts:

Book review is due next Thursday  bookreview

Spelling days 17, 18

List #2  Spelling List 2 beginning day 17

List #3 Spelling List 3 beginning day 17

List #4 Spelling list 4 beginning day 17

Read, “Not Much, Just Chillin;  The Hidden Lives of Middle Schoolers”  pages 105-106.  Read and annotate text, and answer questions Not Much, Just Chillin

We are beginning a new literature unit on identity.  In class we began a identity anchor chart.  The student copy and the student mind maps we worked on are here:

Identity journal and mind map

Paragraphs, identify independent and dependent clause, then rewrite the paragraphs with combining dependent clause with independent clause to form complex sentences.  Rewrite the paragraphs.  Watch punctuation and paragraphing.  Dependent clause paragraph


The Fall of Rome – Then Theories on the Fall of Rome. Read each of the 10 theories, then match it to a US political cartoon.  Explain why you think they are a match.  Then write the similarities between the United States and Rome and the differences for that theory.  Comparing Ancient Rome and America Today