Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our eyes are here!  They came yesterday, but too late for us to perform the lab.  We are actually going to hold off until next Tuesday, September 29th.  So, students need to be prepared for the dissection on Tuesday.


Today we discussed how animals see, and we compared their vision to our own.  We discusses why it is important for animals to see in color and we watched parts of a video in which we learned how animal eyes are adapted for survival of the species.  Students took notes on the video.  Some students were interested in watching the video in it’s entirety, so I have linked it here:

For homework, students have a reading selection and questions to complete:  Why do cave fish lose their eyes?

Language Arts:

Spelling Day 16

Collect 10 sentences on a separate piece of paper.  Each sentence needs to begin with a different subordinate conjunction to complete a complex sentence.  The sentence pattern will be a opener, sentence.  Correct capitalization and punctuation needs to be used.


Read pages 36-41.  Complete questions 1-4

We did not have history class because we had an assembly with Mr. Brown.  Please ask you student about Mr. Brown and what the assembly was all about.  Mr. Brown is a motivational speaker whose focus is making good choices.  He had wonderful things to talk to the students about.