September 17, 2015


***Note…cow eye dissection will most likely now be on Thursday.  The eyes are scheduled for arrival on Tuesday, so I will reschedule dissection for Thursday.

Today we completed a lab preparing us for our cow eye dissection on Tuesday….yes, cow eye dissection!  In order for students to participate in the dissection, I need to have a signed permission slip on file.  Student glued it into their interactive science notebook.  Please ask to see it and sign it so your child can participate!  The lab we did in class today was a model representation of how the human eye sees images.  Students wrote a full lab report and turned it in, then watched these two short video clips:

Here are the lab and lab report, Light and Sight lab Discovery, LabReportRoughDraftTemplatewithscaffold

Students have a few pages to read, which a photocopied from a textbook.  They need to close read and annotate the text, then answer the 3 circled questions.

Language Arts:

Spelling, Day 13

Subordinate and Independent Clauses A & B

In class we read The North Pole The North Pole  and completed the Analyzing Details Worksheet Analyzing details


Complete rough draft for Ancient Roman Architecture. Descriptive essay on Ancienct Roman architecture