Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Read and annotate excerpt from a science textbook, pages 526-532.  Complete questions 1-4 only on page 533  Science textbook excerpt

Language Arts:

Spelling Day 11

Collect 10 sentences in grammar notebook.  Students can make up sentences or find them in their reading.  Sentences should follow the pattern Sentence + closer.  We went over this in class and they should have an example in their grammar notebook.

Read “The North Pole”  1st read.  Get the gist and circle unknown/difficult vocabulary.  The North Pole


Roman Architecture research.  They need to have it with them for Thursday.  We will be working on writing outline/essay on Thursday.  If they do not have research, they will not be able to get very far in class.  Descriptive essay on Ancienct Roman architecture

*******Students need to come prepared each day with their interactive science notebook, spelling, vocab/grammar notebook and binders.