Thursday, September 10, 2015


Read “Your Eyes” article highlight, annotate the article and write a summary.  Summary needs to include a topic sentence, important details (in students words) and a conclusion.

Your Eyes article

Language Arts:

Spelling days 8 & 9

Spelling week 2, list 2

Spelling week 2, list 3

Spelling week 2, list 4

In vocabulary section of spiral notebook, below new vocabulary words, write definitions of concave, convex, and paraphrase (in your own words).  Also in the table, come up with some of your own words that begin with con and para.  Make sure the prefix lends itself to the same meaning in your words.

Compound subject/predicate worksheet, page 73 and 74 only. Compound subject and predicate page 73, 74


Read pages 30-35, Cornell Notes cornellnotestemplatedoc

Architectural notes and research, architectural survey…students need to come to class Tuesday prepared to write an essay on their Roman architecture.

Maps, what happened to Rome over time?  Making observations and inferences. Maps of Rome over time with T chart