September 8th, 2015


Students are wrapping up our unit on light and color.  Students will have a quiz on Thursday.  For homework they need to watch Bill Nye “Light and Color” episode and complete the worksheet.  This will serve as a great review for them.

Here is the link:

Bill Nye light and color video worksheet

Language Arts:

We are still working on close reading.  Students have a new text to re-read at home and annotate.  “To Build a Fire” was read in class once, now they need to read and annotate the text.

Sentence fragment worksheet, Maze and Message in a Grid  Fragment maze message in a grid

Spelling Day 6

Vocabulary test:

flectere – to bend – reflection:  Thee bouncing back of something, such as light or sound when it hits a surface

lux, lucere – to light – translucent:  Scattering light;  allowing some, but not all, light to pass through

re- back;again –

trans – through;across – transparent:  Allowing light to pass through

Bring in book for book report

Students need to finish lesson 1 on Plato.  I have extended the deadline.  If students are having difficulty with this please call me so I can help.


Read pages 24-29, and complete questions 1-4

Continent test

P.S.  I am working on getting grades updated from last week.  I’ve had several late assignments turned in, and I am hoping that all is updated today.