6th grade: September 4th, 2015


  • Classwork:  Lesson 1.2.2  How can I group things
  • Homework: p. 32-34 problems #1.57- 1.61 all 1 2 2

ONLINE resource to help with the math textbook.  You can access “homework help” for all the problems that students are assigned through this link.  Simply click on the lesson that they are doing and then the problem that you are having difficulty with.



  • Classwork:  Make our own topographical map
  • Homework:  1.   In science journal write the procedure from todays lab (steps of making our topographical map)

Language Arts

  • Classwork:  Grammar Lesson:  dependent clauses; continue discussion of Bear Grylls articles- continue filling out impressions worksheetbear grylls chart and begin compare/contrast worksheet compare contrast graphic organizer
  • Homework: 1.  bi/di/audi vocabulary packet bi di audi packet(remember part C on the last page needs to be on a separate page and is both sentences for vocabulary words and a seperate paragraph) due next Wednesday 9/9  TEST WEDNESDAY- STUDY starred words for the test  2. READ book of choice:  book talk due 9/25 book talk  3.   Dependent Clause worksheet dependent clause(1)

Social Studies