Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Science was a very active lab day in which we continued our learning about light and color.  Students learned how we see color (it is true that an orange is every color but orange!)  For homework, they need to complete an conclusion and analysis of our lab.  They need to answer the question, “How do color filters affect the appearance of objects in white light”.  They need to describe their findings from the experiment and how that led them to their conclusions.  They might need to also do some research.  They need to use correct terminology such as absorb and reflect, transparent, etc….

I discussed our book report with them.  They need to have chosen a book to read by Tuesday.  It must be at least 200 pages, their choice of topic.  The book report will be due on October 1st, and I will provide them guidance as to what I expect in the report.

We practiced identifying subject and predicate with a fun game called sentence smackdown.  For homework they have a sentence fragment and identifying subject and predicate worksheet.  Subject predicate and sentence fragment ws

We once again practiced close reading, talking about “The Last Expedition” and their annotation that they had done.  Students are still learning this process, but it is very important that they work at it and really try to pull meaning from the text, and notice details.  We watched a short video clip about the race to the South Pole, and students discussed and answered several questions about the video in their groups.  Now, they are going to look at a web-based text.  Students need to go to:  They need to click on Street View, all 4 items, then go to Scott’s Hut.  As they click on the hut, it will take them further inside the hut to view the items that were abandoned there.  They should notice things like the equipment, food, how they might have kept warm…etc.  Here are some specific questions to guide their search and that they need to answer on a piece of lined paper to turn in on Tuesday.

Guiding Question(s):
1- How is the website organized?
2- What do I learn about the topic as I read (explore the website)?
Text-specific Question(s):
1- What details do I notice in the landscape surrounding Scott’s hut? How might the area be different in the midst of the endless Arctic night or an intense blizzard?
2- What was Scott’s name for the hut – and what does that suggest? Where was/is it located?
3- What equipment and supplies were left in the hut by the explorers, and how might they have been used?


In history, they have a handout called “Rules of the Roman Republic” and the “Law of the 12 Tables”.  They have some questions attached to answer based on their reading.  Rules of the Roman Republic

Students also were given a small slip of paper with their descriptive writing topic.  We are going to be writing a descriptive essay on an ancient Roman piece of architecture.  They don’t need to do anything yet!

It is a 3 day weekend, so no homework for Monday!  Enjoy!