Thursday, August 27, 2015

What a day!  This 7th grade class is top notch!  They had their thinking caps on for sure today.

In science we began with a chart in which we wrote down what students knew about color and light.  Then students performed 1 investigation with color and light and made observations in their science notebook. We then added to our chart what we discovered.  Students then did another investigation and recorded their observations.  Here are the activity and their documentation forms, Lab prism activity and refraction of light activity  We will continue with our investigations into light and color next Tuesday.  To prepare student have an article to read titled “Vision: It All Starts with Light”.  Vision, It All Starts with Light article Also, then need to view this short video:

Students then need to write a summary of article and video.

In language arts, we continued to work on close reading strategies.  The students are starting to grasp the meaning of “Gist” and  how to annotate a text.  I have noticed that some students are not using topic sentences, so I gave them some topic sentence practice for homework. Topic sentence practice

For language arts I also assigned students an assignment (Assignment #1) in our new online curriculum.  The product is through Edmentum and it is called Plato.  The students get a kick out this because they think I am saying Play-do 🙂 .  They need to complete assignment #1 and the first mastery test.  The first section that I have them doing focusing on theme in a short story.  The identify and analyze theme, subject and predicate, dependent and independent clauses and phrases in a sentence.  I have not used this before with my students so I am experimenting with the pacing.  I will not be using this very much with my language arts and not at all with history.  I will be using Plato quite a bit with science for their assigned reading and homework so that we can focus our class time on experiments and investigations!  I can go onto a dashboard and see how students are progressing.  If your student takes the mastery test and does not do well, they have to go through the tutorial again to unlock the mastery test….so they can’t just skip the tutorial!  I welcome your feedback!  If you do not know, or don’t remember how to login, please let me know and I will e-mail you the information.

We discussed primary sources and did an activity in class identifying primary and secondary sources.  Students have homework in their history textbook, pages 10-15, questions 1-4 all.

I want students reading, so I assign a monthly book report and presentation.  Students will need to choose and begin reading a book soon!  I will go over the book report requirements in detail next Tuesday.