Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday was a great day!  We are settling into our routines and getting into our curriculum now!

On Tuesday, we discussed safety in the lab, and then we talked about measurement and the metric system.  Of course the students wondered why they have to do math in science!  I let them know the two go hand and hand.  We worked on measuring the length of things and on metric conversions.  We added a metric conversion chart to our Interactive Science Notebook.  They do have homework converting amounts.  Metric conversion homework

Next,  we revisited the scientific method.  We talked about forming a question/identifying a problem, then making observations.  We had a fun activity in which students used their senses to determine what was in the mystery bag.  Then they had to hypothesize (educated guess based on observations) what was in the bag.

Lastly for science students were handed back (if turned in on Thursday) their Scientific summer writing.  I made notes on their papers, and I would like them to write/type a final draft.  Some students needed to add additional information about the science concept they experienced.

In language arts, we took a spelling test for placement in Sequential Spelling.  Beginning Thursday, students will have spelling lists to complete daily.  We worked on close reading, taking it very slow, making sure students understand how and why to circle, underline, highlight and annotate the text.

I have discovered through students writing that they need a review of capitalization rules, so students have a capitalization review worksheet for homework.  Capitalization review worksheet

In history we are getting into the text.  We completed our activity on historical bias, discussed fact and opinion and the way to tell the difference. They were given a worksheet on fact and opinion to complete as homework.  Prove it! worksheet Students were assigned pages 6-9 of their textbook to read and complete Cornell Notes.  cornellnotestemplatedoc