6th grade: August 21, 2015


  • Classwork:  Lesson 1.1.2  perimeter and area
  • Homework: Do 1.10 to 1.14 in complete sentences 1.1.2 homework


  • Classwork:  Thinking like a scientist/LAB- walking through paper
  • Homework:  1.   finish lab in science notebook  2.  Thinking like a scientist worksheet, last page is extra credit Think like a scientist worksheet

Language Arts

  • Classwork:  Quiz on reading & discuss Nothing but the Truth /SCANTRON
  • Homework: Finish Vocabulary Packet include personal profile (part C) due 8/26 vocabulary mono and auto, STUDY vocabulary test Wednesday 8/26 (students will be expected to spell words correctly and know how to use them in a sentence), Nothing but the truth 2nd reading

Social Studies

  • Classwork:  SCANTRON/continue slavery bias lesson; Discuss bias in media (specifically editorials) and history
  • Homework:  1.  Complete  Bias/perspective handout copied from p.20 from history text.  Students need to read the paper completely and then on the back write 3-5 sentences about bias/perspective and history. p.20 bias   2.  Find an editorial and complete editorial worksheet editorial column analysis-must attach the article to the worksheet.  Students can find an editorial in the newspaper or there are several resources online.  One resource that might be helpful is Student News Daily.  http://www.studentnewsdaily.com/archive/editorials-for-students/