Welcome back to a new school year! Tuesday/Thursday 2015-2016

I apologize for getting this post up late!  Thank you for being so diligent in checking the blog!

Our first day together on Tuesday, August 18th, was great!  We have a wonderful class community!  Tuesday was spent going over a lot of rules, routines and expectations.  Students did have a few classroom and homework assignments.

In science class we went over our Science Starter, which will be a 5-10 minute activity done at the very beginning of the period.  We then did a Scavenger Hunt, Science classroom scavenger hunt in which the students filled in the blanks while I went through a PowerPoint presentation.  They then got to get up and move around and find the locations of things that they will need to know where they are.  We talked about the fact that science is everywhere and sometimes not where we expect it.  We demonstrated this with a short investigation in which we used black markers and made a dot in the middle of a coffee filter, then added water.  The students watched what happened and were amazed that black is not just black.  We will get back to the concepts of color in science at a later date.  We also talked about how their summer was probably full of science and they didn’t even know it.  That led us to the homework assignment, Scientific Summer (1).

In Language Arts/History we set up our language and grammar notebooks and talked about how history began.  Students were given the assignments of writing the rough draft for their own story with the assignment, Everybody has a story.  Students also took a “test” on the continents and oceans.  They were then given the opportunity to correct it and shade it in.  They will have a test on this next Thursday.  We also refreshed ourselves on latitude and longitude and students had a homework ass. World Continents blank map.

Thursday, August 20th, we did some brainstorming regarding the Scientific Method.  We began with the beginning…WHY?  Why ask Why?  We completed a Scientific Method chart with all of the steps.  We will continue with this on Tuesday, working through all aspects of the scientific method with demonstrations.  Students were given a Spongebob Science Safety Rules homework assignment in which they are to read it and circle the safety violations.

In Language arts the students did the L/A and Reading Scantron assessment.  We also started our Editor’s Checklist and did a mini lesson on capitalization.  Student read each others autobiography looking for capitalization and spelling errors.  They are to write their final draft and turn it in on Tuesday.  We also began the discussion on close reading.  Students have a reading packet with several different accounts of the Boston Massacre.  They are to practice what we discussed in class, close read and annotate the text.  There is a Venn diagram and a question, but that is not part of their homework.  That will be group work next Tuesday.

Thank you!  If you have any questions, please e-mail or call me!