6th Grade: May 22, 2015


  • Classwork:   Fun with math!
    • Homework:
    • Students were instructed on a TESSELLATION project which will be their last assignment in math final tessellation project  This is due 5/29, either emailed to me or dropped off at APL.  Check out these pictures of some sample tessellations that are really cool!  tessellations


Language Arts/ Social Studies

  • Classwork: Biography poem example completed in class;  Wonder;  Continue work for Roman Paper- Mrs. James gives feedback on outline and/or rough drafts
  • Homework:  1.   Biography Poem biographypoem – DUE 5/29, either emailed to me or dropped off at APL   Here is a student sample of this assignment Rajon Rondo   2.    RESEARCH paper roman research paper due 5/29, last day of school- can be either emailed or dropped off at school, I would like a final draft paper following criteria outlined in their packet as well as the packet itself.