6th Grade: May 15, 2015



  • Classwork:  Lab on Rock Types
  • Homework: NONE 🙂

Language Arts/ Social Studies

  • Classwork:  Wonder; example of Book Talk.;  In text citation activity text citation activity; Continue research for Roman Paper
  • Homework: 1.  Citation worksheet citation homework 2.  Biography Poem Research biographypoem 3. Try this at Home activity due Wednesday 5/20, students were told that they can use pets and/or animals for the second activity.  They must have notes from each activity but only need to write a poem for one  trythisathome 4.    Book TALK due 5/22, last day of classes book talk  5.  YOUR own personal Precept 6.  Research-4 notes pages completed, web organizer (choice of which topics you would like to have as your 3 body paragraphs), works cited page-2 books & 2 websites, and outline for Research paper complete by Wednesday.    RESEARCH paper roman research paper due 5/29, last day of school- can be either emailed or dropped off at school.