Thursday, May 14th, 2015

As a class next Thursday, we are having a crazy hair day for the last day of school. Students may come to school on Thursday, May 21st with their hair as crazy as they can imagine!


Close read of The Big Thirst, page 183-186 and complete the text dependent question.  There is an error on number one of the text dependent question.  It is referring to the word rangeland, and students are to define the work using context clues,  however the page number and paragraph referred to does not have that word within it.  So, students should go ahead and just look up the word and define it, then skip the context clues part. The Big Thirst page 183-186 text dependent question

Renaissance ABC book:  if not finished in class l, m, n and homework is o, p, q.  Student need to include pictures, either well drawn or printed.  We do have a printer available in the library if students need to print here. Renaissance alphabet book