Thursday, April 17th, 2015

**Testing next week.  Students do have work from all classes for Monday, Wednesday and Friday to complete, however no homework will be assigned for Tuesday and Thursday.  Students still come to school on Tuesday and Thursday next week and the following week at regular time (8:00am).  They will complete testing at 12:00 and can be picked up at that time, or if they have afternoon classes, they can resume their normally scheduled day.  I will not be able to provide Friday tutoring, as I am testing students.

For my class, I have laid out a daily schedule for students to follow, and have provided a packet of work to complete.  Here are the instructions:

Homework for the weeks of April 17

Here are the homework worksheets necessary to complete the work:

Student worksheets for April 17-May 4

Also, here is the spelling lists for the remainder of this week continuing on through the rest of the year.

Spelling list 1  Spelling list 1-remainder of year

Spelling list 2  Spelling list 2-to end of year

Spelling list 3 Spelling list 3 – remainder of year

Spelling list 4  Spelling list 4 – remainder of year