6th grade: February 11, 2015


  • Classwork:     timed test; properties of addition and multiplication journal; combining like terms
  • Homework:   Combining like terms, properties of addition/multiplication (8.2skills and combine like terms)


Language Arts

  • Classwork: Review Dragonwings relate to theme of novel- analyze p. 72 Mr. Algers and tie into Dragonwings paper Mr.Algersworksheet; search for figurative language to use as examples in Dragonwings paper (dragonwingsfigurativelanguagechart); Vocabulary TEST
  • Homework: 1.Read chapter 12 of Dragonwings. Complete theme structured notes worksheet- it is single sided (for chapter 12dragonwingsch12notes) 2. Finish figurative language chart dragonwingsfigurativelanguagechart that we began in class.  Students should have an example for each section on both sides of paper except foreshadowing and flashback which are extra credit.  The first side has an example provided- they need to add an additional one.  I also told students that they are able to find different examples of figurative language to replace metaphor such as onomatopoeia, hyperbole or alliteration.  We started this in class and they should have a good start.  My hope is that this exercise will help them write the 3rd paragraph of their Dragonwings paper.  I encouraged students to look in the sections of the book where Moonshadow has a difficult time fitting in (p.16/17 when he arrives to the Golden Mountain, or the chapter in which they meet Miss Whitelaw p. 133)   3.  Picture Book Report due 2/13 picture book report  Remember that if they ONLY turn in the template the highest grade is a C.  5.  Dragonwings thematic paper due 2/25dragonwingsthematicpaper

Social Studies

  • Classwork:  Chinese silk road activity
  • Homework: none