Thursday, January 22, 2015

We continue to read A Long Walk to Water, which students seem to be enjoying.  We read chapter 5 in class, and completed our graphic organizer with a focus of how time, place and culture effect Nya’s and Salva’s identity.  We discussed this in class as well.  Students need to complete notes and the graphic organizer for chapter 6 on their own for homework.  A long walk to water graphic organizer

We also continue to read “Water is Life”.  Students completed a graphic organizer on the word sustainability.  We defined it and discussed examples of what is sustainable practice and what is not.  Frayer model Sustainable

Students need to continue to read paragraphs 6-9 and complete vocabulary and main idea worksheet to accompany “Water is Life”  Water is life paragraphs 6-9

Vocabulary rupt, dict  Vocabulary dict, rupt


Spelling list 1  Spelling list 1-7

Spelling list 2

Spelling list 3  Spelling list 3-7

Spelling list 4

History, African History, “A Great Oral Tradition”, read and complete  African History, A Great Oral Tradition

Also read and complete pages 108-115, questions 1-3 in history textbook.