6th grade: January 7, 2015


  • Classwork:   PEMDAS review,  fantastic 4, Math Scan tron
  • Homework:  PEMDAS or Order of Operations (order of operations), Students can “fix” the problems from work over break.


  • Classwork: Climate Project Presentations
  • Homework: Read Chapter 6 Section 1, p. 190-196.  Take notes using Cornell Notes worksheet(cornellnotestemplatedoc)

Language Arts

  • Classwork:    Review chapter 1 of Dragonwings– discuss finding evidence to support your claim(point of view chapter 1)
  • Homework: 1.Read Chapter 2 of Dragonwings. Complete Chapter 2 structured notes worksheet(dragonwings ch 2 notes) as well as the Exit Ticket worksheet (exit ticket chapter1).  Use the worksheet that we completed in class as a guide.

Social Studies

  • Classwork:  Review “Emporer’s Silent Army” and “A Great Wall”, begin China Map
  • Homework: List Pros and Cons from “A Great Wall” (a great wall)