6th Grade: December 17, 2014

I wanted to mention that the work below represents school work for 4 school days–this Thursday and Friday (12/18 &12/19) as well as the Monday and Tuesday following Winter Break (1/5 & 1/6).  If you have any questions over break don’t hesitate to call or email me.  It is my hope that you all have a lovely break filled with family, joy and happiness!  I look forward to seeing everyone next year! 🙂


  • Classwork:   PEMDAS, PEMDAS journal,  fantastic 4
  • Homework:  PEMDAS or Order of Operations (pemdas homework), students are responsible for only evens on the first page of the packet.


  • Classwork: DRY ICE…fun with making clouds….
  • Homework: 1.  Climate Project due 1/7   My Country’s climate  ; students might want to review p. 520-526 to help with their Climate Project.

Language Arts

  • Classwork:     Vocabulary Test and Mrs. James reviews templates for persuasion paper; introduce Dragonwings
  • Homework: 1.Read Chapter 1 of Dragonwingsdragnwings ch. 1 Write 2 text-dependent questions from the chapter and include the answers.  Write down 2 quotes from the chapter and why they are significant 2. Literature Scavenger Hunt (literature scavenger hunt) 3.  Persuasion template-take information from graphic organizer and begin organizing paper- write down claims with evidence (persuasive paper packet)

Social Studies