Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Well, I hope everybody has weathered the storm okay!   We had several absences in class due to the storm, but many still slogged through the rain to make it to class, although it was hard to concentrate with the rain and wind blowing against the window pane.  It made for an exciting morning!

In class we completed an assignment and read “Kyle’s Story”   and “Jack the Half-Wit” and we compared and contrasted the two.  Compare and contrast Kyles story blog and Jack the half wit  This was a graded class assignment.

Homework, students need to read “‘Happy’ dance video shows dispute over Western culture in Iran” and complete chart.  They need to complete a first read for the “gist” and then a second read to come up with a text dependent question, then they need to look for evidence to answer their question.  After that, they need to tell more about their evidence, and then make a claim, based on their evidence.  Happy Dance article and evidence from the text

Spelling 1  Spelling 1-6

Spelling 2  Spelling 2-6

Spelling 3  Spelling 3-6

Spelling 4  Spelling list 4-6

Word Roots activity  Word roots activity

Textbook reading, page 70-71, and answer questions on page 71