Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Welcome back and welcome to December!!!  We are in the last few weeks of the semester, so it will be very important for students to keep up on their work!

Homework for Thursday:


List 1 Spelling 1-5

List 2 Spelling 2-5

List 3 Spelling 3-5

List 4 Spelling 4-5

Read the poem “My Sister is Crazy” for the gist  My Sister is Crazy

Final draft of Literary Argument essay

Subordinate conjunctions worksheet Subordinating Conjunctions

Mapwork, Arabian Peninsula  Arabian Peninsula mapwork

History textbook, read pages 59-64, and answer questions 1-3

Students also should be reading a book, that they will do a “book talk”  (presentation) on December 18th.  I will give them guidelines for the book talk within the next week.